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Rattan Furniture


Elevate Your Space with Exquisite Handcrafted Furniture at Decorrizz India

Welcome to Decorrizz India for natural, eco friendly elegance and modern functionality. At Decorrizz India we produce a unique collection of handcrafted furniture designed to transform your living space. 

We handcrafts furnitures that seamlessly blends timeless designs with functionality. We create beautiful pieces with love and craftmanship, including rattan chairs, cane sofa sets, decorative coffee tables and side tables, storage cabinets, room divider screens, kids furniture, Pet furniture and many more, all crafted from natural materials and designed to transform your living space. Whether you are looking warmth and comfort with rattan chair and sofa sets, or stylish solutions for open floor plans with foldable and moveable room divider screens, Decorrizz India has the perfect furniture piece to bring your vision to life.

Shop Our Collection and Renovate Your Dream Home:

Cane and Rattan Chairs: Experience the aesthetic charm of natural materials in our cane and rattan chairs. Handwoven from sustainably sourced rattan, these chairs offer a touch of the exotic that seamlessly blends with all classic and modern aesthetics. 

Rattan and Cane Sofa Sets: Transform your living space into a haven of relaxation with our rattan and cane sofa sets. The eco-friendly and natural warmth of the materials creates an inviting atmosphere, white the intricate craftmanship ensures lasting durability.

Room Divider Panels: A Versatile Addition to Your Living Space-  Room divider screens are more than just space separators; They are a creative and functional way to enhance your living space. These versatile panels offer a multitude of uses, from creating privacy and defining areas. Room dividers offer a stylish, functional and aesthetic solution to create separate areas within an open floor plan. Our room dividers provide both privacy and decorative touch. 

Coffee Tables and Side Tables: Coffee tables and side tables are the cornerstones for any modern living area. Our coffee tables and side tables offers a variety of styles and functionality to suite your living area needs.


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