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Discover the Beauty of Light with Decorrizz India's Exclusive Lighting Collection

Transparent Glass Hanging Pendant Lantern.jpg

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with our chic pendant lampshades

Extra Large Candle Lanterns_edited.jpg

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with our oversized candle lanterns

Tabletop Candle Lanerns Set of 2

Set the mood for any occasion with our charming tabletop lanterns

Wooden Candle Holder Pillars_edited.jpg

Add a touch of elegance to your candles with our stylish holders

multicolor glass hanging moroccon lamp_edited.jpg

Light up your indoor and outdoor space with our exquisite hanging lanterns


Create a contemporary and inviting atmosphere with our elegant flush mount lampshades.

Explore Decorrizz India's Dazzling Lighting Solutions

Step into a world where light becomes art, where each corner is kissed by the glow of creativity. At Decorrizz India, we take immense pride in presenting our diverse and captivating range of lighting solutions that transcend mere illumination. From evocative floor lanterns to intricate hanging pendant lampshades, our lighting collection is a symphony of elegance and innovation.

🕯️Decorative Floor Lanterns: Illuminating Elegance: Elevate your space with the enchanting allure of our decorative floor lanterns. These timeless pieces blend intricate designs with functional beauty, casting mesmerizing patterns of light. Whether in daylight or twilight, our lanterns stand as sculptures of refined craftsmanship, enhancing your surroundings.

🪔Hanging Pendant Lampshades: A Captivating Dance of Light: Our hanging pendant lampshades are more than fixtures; they're works of art that suspend brilliance from above. Crafted with precision, these lampshades create a captivating dance of light and shadows, infusing your space with an air of sophistication.

🌟Tabletop Lamps: Elegance on Display: Illuminate your tabletops with a touch of elegance. Our tabletop lamps are designed to be more than just sources of light; they're expressions of style and grace. Each lamp is a conversation starter, transforming your space into an enchanting ambiance.

🕯️Candle Holders and Tealight Holders: Embrace Soft Radiance: Embrace the serene beauty of candlelight with our candle holders and tealight holders. These pieces celebrate the play of flickering flames, creating an atmosphere that's both intimate and mesmerizing. Let the soft radiance of candles redefine your evenings.

💡Hanging Lamps: A Symphony of Suspended Brilliance: Our hanging lamps are an embodiment of creativity and ingenuity. Suspended in the air, they command attention and admiration. With designs ranging from contemporary to artistic, these lamps redefine the way light interacts with your space.

🕌 Moroccan Lanterns: An Ode to Exotic Charm: Transport yourself to distant lands with our Moroccan lanterns. These pieces encapsulate the allure of faraway places, infusing your space with exotic charm. The intricate patterns cast by these lanterns add a touch of mystique to your surroundings.

🌙 Ceiling Lampshades: An Overhead Elegance: Let elegance cascade from above with our ceiling lampshades. These pieces not only disperse light but also cast an aura of sophistication. Our ceiling lampshades redefine the concept of overhead lighting, turning it into an artistic statement.

At Decorrizz India, we believe that lighting isn't just about brightness; it's about creating an ambiance that resonates with your style and sensibilities. Our lighting categories are a testament to our commitment to quality, creativity, and innovation. Explore our collection and discover how light can be a transformative force in your space. Illuminate your world with Decorrizz India.

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